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I was recently adding up all the minutes realized that I was spending way too much time and spent for a fun little job on my beauty regimen. Adding up the minutes I came up with 10,680 moments per year. This is crazy to me personally as I could be doing far more productive actions with all this time wasted. Together with the time I’ve spent on my everyday beauty routine, I also added up the cash going into purchasing”essential” makeup solutions. I came up with $600 each year at minimal! Was I wasting close to 178 hours but also near two car payments on cosmetics! I realized I had to change anything and began a list on the way I could reduce time and money wasted in my routine. After plenty of research and youtube videos, I learned about something called microblading. It sounds like a medical procedure upon hearing this word but it is actually a solution that helped me save cash and time. Microblading is kind of like an eyebrow. They use a tool to implant pigments beneath the skin.

This resembles your eyebrows and looks realistic. The hair follicles are natural and thin people cannot even tell the difference. They use a pigment that is as close to your eyebrows hairs that are real. This process matches them into where there are no thin areas and creates definition. If you have mild eyebrow hair then microblading may help you. I do not regret it whatsoever and saved time, money, and effort into my beauty regimen after I got microblading completed! Permanent makeup is a growing trend among a lot of women who just don’t have money or time to waste! It is a smart investment and can end up saving you a great deal of money. If you’re currently interested in finding microblading near me then do your research and be sure you do a lot of research about the tech you choose. Have a look at their portfolio and see if they have the abilities that you could trust to do this flawlessly. As it will be permanent eyebrows you want to be certain to get the shape, depth, and color ideal. You don’t want to be that person. It’s simply not a good appearance. Microblading can cost anywhere from $300-800 based on the technician and their degree of expertise and may be a bit more pricey up front. Some are ready to pay more. I haven’t been satisfied with a buy than this one. I am able to get at least 10 minutes of sleep each morning and can walk out the door with brows. Since my curls already look like they have been done, some days I will not even need to apply makeup. Check out permanent makeup houston for the best and hottest eyebrows in town.